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Yogi Sripadaraja in the sacred tomb and his supernatural powers

Swami Sripadaraja's sacred tomb, the Brindavan

Yativarya Sripadaraja swami was the Guru of Sri Vyasaraja who was well-known as Sri Raghavendra in his next incarnation. Sripadaraja, with his divine supernatural powers helped people who were in trouble. Sripadarja mutt is at Narasimha theertha, Mulbagal taluk.  Sripadaraja Brindavan is a sacred tomb in Mulbagal. It is a place where many miracles occur even to this day.

Sainthood of Sripadaraja Swami:

Sripadaraja (also called Laxminarayana thirtha or Sripadaraya) was born in Abburu (1404– 1502 AD) in Chennapatna taluk of Karnataka state. He was born to a very pious brahmin couple named Sheshagiri and Giriyamma. Hindu devotees and his followers believe that he was the incarnation (Avatara) of Dhruva. When Lakshminarayana  grew up, he had to take the cattle for grazing and return home before the sunset. 

Once while he was grazing his cattle in the evening hours, he was approached by Sri Swarnavarnathirtha belonging to Sri Padmanabha Thirtha Samsthana. Abbur was then the seat of Sri Brahmanya Teertharu. Sri Swarnavarnathirtha swami was on his way to Abbur from  Srirangapatna. He asked the young lad Lakshminarayana about the distance he had to travel to reach Abbur. Lakshminarayana demonstrated his gift of gab to Swarnavarnathirtha swami saying - "Look at me and my herds, gaze at the sky and realize the distance". His answer turned the pontiff’s mind to make the boy his pupil and took him into sainthood.  Later, the same boy who was so clever with words, composed devotional hymns in kannada and thus laid a foundation to Dasa Sahitya. He had contributed to the Dwaita philosophy and the Haridasa Sahitya.

Sripadaraja comes in the parampara(lineage) of Padmanabhathirtha Mutt. Sri Padamanabha thirtha was the direct disciple of Sri Madhwacharya. This mutt was called as Padmanabhathirtha mutt before Sripadaraja took over. After him entering the brindavan, because of the great divinity, it became well-known as Sripadarja mutt. 

Vijayanagar empire, during his lifetime had supported enough with its well heightened social and political circumstances. He was a guru (master) of Sri Vyasathirtha  (Vyasathirtha-the guru of Purandaradasa  and Kanakadasa). The well-known king of Vijayanagara empire, Hakka, requested Sripadaraja swami to be his Rajaguru ( the King’s chief advisor priest). But swami Sripadaraja declined to do so due to his old age, but instead sent his disciple, Sri Vyasaraja. Thus Sri Vyasaraya had become the Rajaguru of the Vijayanagara kings. Sri Brahmanya thirtha and Lakshminarayana were cousins and nearly of the same age.

In 1471 A.D., King Chaluva Narasimhan of Chandragiri took refuge under Swami Sripadaraja to get rid of brahmahathya dosha(the dangerous circumstances one has to face due to the fault done in one’s life). Sripadaraja saved him through his powers of penance. In thankfulness he seated him on his lion throne and conducted kanakabishekha( shower of tiny golden flowers on the gurus head). On that occasion Sri Vyasaraja thirtha composed and sang the famous devotional song Mahime Salade.

The Contributions done by Sripadaraja to Madhwa society:
Vagvajra was his only work on Sanskrit literature.
Some of his important compositions were Bhramarageeta, Venugeeta, Gopigeeta, Madhwanama.

Devotional songs composed by Swami Sripadaraja :

Swami Sripadaraja, a great scholar and poet, was also good in singing devotional songs in Kannada. Swami Sripadaraja is believed to be the pioneer of Dasa Sahitya. He is referred to as Dasa Pitamah (Paternal grand father of Dasas or eldest person among Dasas). He composed the devotional songs using Ranga Vittala as his pen name.

Few devotional songs according to Tarathamya (hierarchy) are mentioned here:
  • Narayana
  • Lakshmi
  • Vayu, Hanumantha
  • Shiva
Some of his famous devaranama (or devotional songs) are – Bhushanake Bhushana, Baro Manege govinda, Nee ittahange iruveno hariye, Kangalidyathako kaveri rangana nodada, Daya madi salahayya...

Being his disciple, Swami Vyasathirtha also composed songs in praise of his guru.

Goddess Ganga( River Ganges) appeared in dreams:

Sripadaraja thirtha returned to Mulabagal from Srirangam when Sri Swarnavarna thirtha entered the brindavana alive. Mulbagal or Mulabagilu, which was then under the Vijayanagar empire rule, was made the center of all his activities (i.e. for his daily worship of gods, discourses, propogating Acharya Madhva's teachings etc). 

Once Sripadaraja swami in his old age, wished to go for a holy dip in river Ganga, he found it difficult to make the journey all the way to North India, because of his aging. It is believed that goddess Ganga appeared in his dreams and said that she would be present at the Narasimha theertha, a holy pond at Mulabagal and that he can take the holy dips there itself. Devotees believe that Ganges stayed there forever. A holy dip in Narasimha Theertha is equivalent to a dip in the river Ganga itself.  

Entered the sacred tomb alive (or Brindavana Pravesha) :

In 1504 AD, Swami Sripadaraja chose one of his disciples as his heir and named him Sri Hayagreeva thirtha. Then he entered the brindavan alive at Sri Narasimha Thirtha near Mulbagal. It was an auspicious day, Jyeshta shuddha chathurdashi. The devotees and followers still feel his presence at the Mulabagilu brindavan.

The below typed verse on Sripadaraja swami shows his greatness and fame that has spread far and wide.

kale phalaati surudrumah chintnmanir api yachane daataa |
vararthi sakalam abhiishtam darshana matraat shripadarajo munih||
Meaning of the verse – Chintamani(sacred bead), Kalpavriksha(holy tree that gives everything), etc. are celestial treasures that give whatever one wants, when prayed before them. But, Swami Sripadaraja, fulfills all the desires by a mere darshan(visit) to his brindavan or even by just the remembrance of his name. 

Charama Sloka of Guru Sripadarajaru:

j~jaanavairaagya bhakthyaadi kalyaaNaguNaSaalinaH |

lakShmInaarayaNa munInvandE vidyaagurUnmama ||

The world wide devotees of the sacred tomb Brindavan at Mulbagal:

A man by name Ranganath Rao of Chennai, now residing at Newyork, always dreamt of a yogi who appeared before him and led him towards the glass house. At first, he neglected whatever he saw and never thought much about it. But later he came to know that there was some unknown fact hidden behind the dream. One day he also saw the Yogi's image appearing on the wall of his home at Newyork. He was shocked at once. Next time when he had the dream again he asked the yogi where the tomb was located and the distance that he had to travel. After he came to know about the directions, he immediately left to Bangalore by flight. From there he went straight to Mulabagal which is located in Kolar district. He was shocked to see the same glass house and the tomb which he had already seen in his dreams.

He went back to USA happily, after taking the divine blessings from the swami. He took along with him the mantrakshatha and gave it to all his fellow Indians and told them about his dreams and the truth behind it. Luckily,  whoever took the mantrakshatha had good growth in their life and they thanked Ranganath Rao for the same. 

Even after he attained the Jeeva Samadhi (entering tomb alive) at Narasimha theertha, the swami continued to shower his divine blessings and helping the people in the society. The place where he attained the Jeeva Samadhi is a powerful place filled with divine energy, due to the presence of god Sri Yoga Narasimha swami. Sacred tombs are called Brindavan. There are also 12 other samadhis at the same place. Kananda film actor late Dr. Rajkumar had come to the place to seek the blessings and become a singer in movies. He got a chance to sing after he took the holy mantrakshatha( rice consecrated with mantras)  from the place. He told this openly before everyone, later. Even Tamil film actor, Mr. Rajanikanth  had come to the place whenever he came for the film shooting nearby. He was never let down in life because of the divine blessings.

Many of the devotees who had no children were blessed with children because of Sripadaraja swami’s blessings.

Another man,  Mr. Bhima Rao, once a great alcoholic had lost all his money drinking. He had lost nearly 20 lakh rupees with this bad habit. He was left out with only Rs.5000 when he realized his mistake. He rushed to the spot and cried before the sacred tomb for the blunder created by him in his life. He was later blessed by the swami and he is at present a big millionaire.

His brother-in-law was once hospitalized because of stroke and kidney failure simultaneously. Doctor had lost all hopes. Death was inevitable for the patient.  But Mr. Bhima Rao had great faith in the swami. So, he immediately went to the Swami’s Brindavan and prayed for his brother-in-law. He took the mantrakshatha from the place and put it over the forehead of his brother-in-law. After a few hours the patient showed signs of recovery.  His both kidneys started working normally. Bhima Rao thanked the swami in his mind.

Devotees who wish to visit the Sripadaraja Mutt are requested to follow this address:

Sri Sripadaraja Mutt (Mulbagal Mutt) Sri Narasimha Theertha, Mulbagal - 563 131, Kolar district, Karnataka, India

This mutt is located at a distance of 57.5 miles (92km) from Bangalore city.

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Vishwesh said...

I'm vishwesh from hubli will you please tel me the bus route to sri sripadaraja brindavana from bangalore.


It is 1 hour 31 mins journey by road. You can reach Mulbagal via Hoskote after you start from Bangalore

Driving directions to Sri Sripadaraja Mutt, Karnataka

Start from Bangalore, Karnataka

1. Head south-east on Grant Rd
Pass by Sholl Petrol
(on the left)
- 350 m

2. Turn left at Bounce Style Lounge
onto Lavelle Road
Pass by Coffe Day
(on the left)
- 300 m

3. Turn right at Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd.
onto Madras Bank Rd
Pass by Winalite India
(on the right)
- 210 m

4. Take the 1st left
onto St Marks Rd
Pass by Indian Oil
(on the right)
- 400 m

5. Turn right at Traffic Signal
onto Mahatma Gandhi Rd/MG Road
Pass by Deutsche Bank Ag
(on the right in 850 m)
- 2.0 km

6. Continue onto Old Madras Rd
Pass by HP Petrol Pump
(on the right)
- 5.4 km

7. Slight right to stay on Old Madras Rd
Pass by I-Gate Optics
(on the left)
- 750 m

8. At Arya Worldwide, continue onto NH 75
Pass by Canara Bank
(on the left in 3.2 km)
- 15.1 km

9. Continue straight
onto NH 648
- 400 m

10. Continue onto NH 75
-10.4 km

11. Slight right to stay on NH 75
Pass by Confident Amoon- The Glamour Spa and Resort
(on the left in 9.6 km)
- 58.7 km

12. Continue straight
onto NH 69
- 3.3 km

13. Sharp right
Destination will be on the left
- 31 m

Now reach the destination - Sri Sripadaraja Mutt, Mulbagal,

ivns raju said...

please share the Charama Shloka of Sreepadarayaru