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True Love Never Dies - A Story

There are instances of men accomplishing great jobs just to please their mothers. Also, monuments and beautiful houses constructed to please one’s wife. But has any one heard of worshiping their own wife and performing daily pooja? Love has no boundaries....There is indeed such person who resides at Krishnapur of Chamarajnagar district (Yelandur taulk) in the Karnataka state, India. This love story belongs to one such great gentleman.
Many people believe that mother who gives birth to a child is nothing less than a goddess. Many have done remarkable jobs in respect of their mother. Rich people have constructed hospitals, schools, orphanages and many helpful institutions for the needy, in dedication to their loving mother. In some places, people have also constructed temple and installed statue of their mother, in due respect. They pray everyday and perform puja to their statue to remember her as a goddess. But a gentleman here, has gone a step ahead of that and constructed a temple for his life partner. He has not only constructed the temple for her but also installed her statue and now worships it daily. The man lights oil lamp in front of the idol which will be glowing brightly for all the twenty four hours. The glowing lamp is like an inspiration to this man.

Rajuswami in front of wife Rajamma's idol

Developing such a rare kind of visualization has made him the century’s Shah Jahan . King Shah Jahan is well known all over the world for constructing Taj Mahal in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Now, the man here responsible for such an unique creation is Rajuswami of the village krishnapur, which is situated in Yelandur taluk. He is not a big shot or a very rich man but an ordinary personality.

Krishnapur is at a distance of 3 km while traveling towards biligiriranga hill. At the entrance of the village Krishnapur, the temple is seen at the forefront. In this temple, there are idols of hindu gods namely, Ganesh, Shanishwar, Siddappaji and Shiva. Also ther are idols of Navagrahas( 9 planets that come in hindu astrology).

Name of the temple is Sri Rajamma Mandir . This is a temple built by an ordinary person with meager income, in memory of his wife. Inside, there is an idol of Rajamma for whom Rajuswami had lots of love and affection. People of nearby villages like this gentleman just for this gesture.
Wife - A goddess to this youngman

A child when it grows up, until a certain age it is taken care off by its mother. And later his wife takes over this responsibility. Wife gives the man which a mother cannot. Mother is equivalent to goddess. But then, why not a wife be given the place of goddess for her sacrifices? This question has been asked by Rajuswami.

Rajuswami basically is a native of Krishnapur. His wife Rajamma is from nearby village, Kandahalli. She is the daughter of Rajus’s elder sister. They loved each other from school days. Later they got married with the consent of elders. He says, “Before marriage I was roaming in the streets like other men who where jobless. My job was seasonal. My income was dependent on agricultural work and some time on daily wages. I had no faith in gods or goddess. There was a strong belief that only my hard work would give me every thing that I need. So then, why to worship god? After I got married to Rajamma my life style changed, I loved her very much, I went on and on as she directed me. She was a great devotee and staunch believer in god. Every morning and evening she spent half an hour for worship. She never had lunch or dinner alone. She waited for my arrival and we would have had food together. I learnt from her, what true love really was."

Rajamma and money were always miles apart. She never used to spend the money on her own. She studied only till Std 5th and Rajuswami’s education was limited till the 6th. After their marriage, Rajamma had a dream, one day. She saw before her, a god who ordered to construct a temple in the same village. She revealed this matter to her husband. Shortage of funds and many obstructions to obtain land created a great deal of trouble to the couple. But Rajamma went shoulder to shoulder with her husband in facing those problems.

View of the temple from outside
A masonry worker from Tamilnadu state agreed to work for the construction of temple. Rajuswami too learnt the work and worked along. The cement and steel was provided by the donators. Both men worked tirelessly to accomplish the project. After 9 years of hard work there stood a temple at the outskirts of the village, very next to the main road. The mason did not ask any thing for the hard work. Only the bus charge for his return to hometown was borne by Raju. He wished good luck before he left. After he reached his home town, fortunately he grew rich. He came back after a few years and offered funds to Raju for his living.

The temple was constructed and his wife’s wish was fulfilled. Rajamma was a proud mother of a boy and a girl in her 12 years of marriage. On January 9th 2005, when Rajamma was pregnant, she breathed her last. The loss of wife and child, filled his life with grief and unhappiness.

Raju got disappointed and with a heavy heart never went to the temple for an year. All kinds of weeds grew in the premises of the temple. One day, Raju dreamt of his wife who made him knowledgeable about the life and death on this planet. She said “ Everyone who takes birth, must die one day or the other. I left you a bit earlier. You will be following me later when your turn comes. My soul will always be alive in the temple. So, please never allow the temple to fall in ruins”.

Raju was surprised. He thought of following his wife’s words, with a keen interest. He made up his mind to go to the temple. As he went around the temple, he had an idea of constructing another small temple in the same vicinity. But this time, it was in memory of his wife. He had already learnt the art of construction. He went on with his new work and finished it in the year 2006. It was a one year work. He also created the idlo of Rajamma and installed it in place.

A space there for him too
Raju has constructed a house very close to the temple. People from the village visit the temple whenever they face problems in life. Raju, then gives them a lemon chanted with mystic words, by holding it within his fist. There were instances of people getting relieved from their problems and thanked Raju for it. Raju agrees that he never has any kind of magical powers. He believes that all powers are hidden within the temple. So, he never took a penny for this, from anybody. He used to take whatever people gave as a contribution, for the future of the temple. That helps him a lot in many ways.

There is a small space left very next to his wife’s idol. People ask him eagerly about this. Raju thinks of seating his own idol there after he expires. He has given this responsibility to his children. According to him, there isn’t any mistake if a person is worshipped after death.

As the new year begins, festivals are celebrated in this temple. People from nearby villages come, participate and enjoy the celebration. Mass marriages are organized and conducted by the donators. Necessary jewellery and clothes will be provided by the contributors.

What true love really is !

Rajuswami was only 35 when his wife died. His children Shanker(son) and Shanthakumari(daughter) are looked after by him. Men get married once again after their wife’s death. But Raju has never thought of it. He passes the days with his children, remembering his beloved wife. He gives a clear picture of what true love really has in it.

Love is always greater than selfishness. It is not just limited to young men and women. Also not limited to what people call as a Valentine’s day. That’s a clear message delivered by the story.

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Valeriebelew 2 years ago from Metro Atlanta, GA, USA
My kind of man. LOL. This was a very interesting and informative article. In a sense we may all worship our loved ones, though usually not in such a tangible way. Thumbs up. Enjoyed this article. (: v

Magnoliazz 2 years ago from Wisconsin
I agree, this is my kind of guy.
His wife was very loving and nurturing and loved him even if he had no money.
What a beautiful love story.

Author 2 years ago
Thanks to valerie & magnoliazz for the comments. There were many love stories. But this one..i felt was something different for me.

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