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Fortune Teller Bull Head Stone with Immense Powers

Main Statue of Basava at the temple of Shivabasaveshwara

Shivabasavaswami was a sage and a yogi. He meditated in the Himlayan mountain region for a very long period. Later, he came to a place which is near Tyamagondlu village located in Bangalore rural district. He helped the poor who resided in the villages with his divine powers and meditated all the time in the forests nearby. He calmed down the cruelty in many wild animals with the powers he had gained from meditation.
Shivabasaveshwara Swami

One day in the nearby village, two bulls fought with each other and ultimately one of them lost the head portion and died. There came the Shivabasavaswami and he saw the two bulls at the end of their fight. He calmed down the rage of the bull that had won. He took the cut off head portion of the dead bull with him. He turned it to a stone and put in it some part of his divine meditation powers. It became a fortune teller Bull head stone. After some years, he entered the tomb alive, when he felt that he had done enough for the people.

The place was ruled by the Gangas and their capital was Manni, which is nearby the Basaveshwara temple. The bull head stone lies near the main statue established in the temple. The main statue of Basava symbolizes that it is the Shivabasavaswami’s tomb. The stone has miraculous powers and has the power to foretell.

A Rajasthan based company had won the tender for installing high tension wires along the area near Thyamagondlu in Nelamangala taluk. They established a unit within the forest in that particular area. Workers from Rajasthan, Bihar and Chhattisgarh were appointed for the work.

They consumed non-vegetarian food during the lunch when suddenly a cobra snake appeared before them. They never came to know why it appears every now and then during the lunch time. Officers of the unit did not know what to do. They contacted a villager by name Venkataramanappa. He told the officers about the temple with immense powers. He warned them of serious consequences if they did not give up eating the non-vegetarian stuff at that place. They continued to work there. But never ate non-vegetarian food in that area, again.

The temple has miraculous powers. One of the villagers had asked for the borewell water, when they couldn’t find any, in their paddy field. Villager asked about the exact depth where the water was available. At last the bull head stone in the temple got lifted up when he said the right depth and the exact inches of water that would pour out while drilling. The villager tried it and got the water at the same depth and he felt very happy. He took his relative who had a piece of land used for agriculture. He too had the same query. When he got the right answer from the stone he tried and found that the foreteller stone was right.
Bull Head Stone at Shiraganahalli

A head master in the nearby village did not have any grand children from his son Narasappa. Since 25 years after his marriage they tried in vain to have children. At last the head master came to the Basaveshwara temple and cried before the Basava. He asked the Basava if his son will have any children in his life. The stone got lifted up soon and within a year his wife gave birth to a beautiful child. The miracles and stories have no end. The sage is seen as a bright light sometimes during the night. It is just to show that his soul still existed in the tomb to help people in distress.

The stone is actually lifted up by the archak of the temple three times if the work is possible. If it is negative he will not be able to lift the stone from its place. Thus the Bull head stone foretells and answers many queries in a day.

The location of the temple is near Tyamagondlu in Nelamangala taluk of Bangalore Rural district. The exact location is the Shiraganahalli village. Thus the temple got its name as Shiraganahalli Basaveshwara temple.

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