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Yogi Victor Truviano of Argentina

Yogi Mr. Victor Truviano is an Argetinian by birth. He was born in a middle class family. He was shown the path of becoming a Yogi by a great Guru from the Himalayas. Victor himself is a Guru to many of his followers in the world, today. He lives a life of eternal peace without having any food or water. It is unbelievable to think of a living being who does not have food and water. But it is true and visible to everyone around the globe.

Yogi Victor Truviano
Yogi Victor Truviano
Victor Truviano's parents were art lovers. They loved the art of  music. Victor was born to them after many years. They taught violin to Victor at the age of 4. He learnt violin very fast. He played violin on any given song like a professional artist, at that young age.
Victor Truviano - Yogi from Argentina
Victor Truviano - Yogi from Argentina
At this age, a Guru with divine powers started appearing during the nights, in his room. At first, he was afraid to talk or see at his Guru. But in the later years, he talked with him when he came to know about the main intent behind his appearance. He told victor what he had to do in his life.

One day Victor saw a book named, "Autobiography of a Yogi," in his friend's house. He opened the book and was shocked to see the image within it. The image printed in the book was that of his guru who appeared before him all the time. The name mentioned there was 'Maha Avatar Baba.' 

Maha Avatar Baba is a great guru known to many Indians. He is believed to be meditating and showing the path of peace and divinity to many who follow him. He is in the Himalayan cave meditating, since 2000 years. Baba left his home when he was 16 years and continues to be in the same state since then. Baba appears before only to those with whom wants to interact and show them the spiritual path. 

The next time, when Victor saw Baba, he asked him if he was the same 'Maha Avatar Baba.' And the reply was positive. There are many Yogis still residing in the peaceful atmosphere of the chilling Himalayas. But Maha Avatar Baba is the oldest of all of them.   
Maha Avatar Baba in Himalaya
Maha Avatar Baba
One day Baba told him to stare at him continuously. When Victor looked at his Guru, as he was told, the Himalayan range in India appeared before him. He then came to know of his previous birth when he was a disciple to Baba and lived in Himalayas. So, in this birth Baba himself had come in search of his sincere and good disciple. It is very rare that such a thing happens in the world. 

Babaji taught Victor all that a Yogi had to do in his life. Victor does not eat food or drink water, since the year 2006. He lives just by taking in fresh air from atmosphere. To him food had become equivalent to the soil  When first the Argentinians came to know that he was living without food and water.They were not ready to accept it. They placed CCTV cameras in many places around and within the place where he resided. They could not believe their eyes when they learnt he had become a breatharian.

Baba had taught him a breathing technique with which water entered his whole body whenever required. Many of them had heard the strange breathing sound when they quietly sneaked into his room. Victor never asked Baba for the Siddhis, but was taught to him by Baba himself. The technique of surviving by taking in just air, has a name in Bhagavath Purana, and is known as Anurmimattamam. With this breathing technique, yogis breathe in deeply. Air is dragged in swiftly to the brain and then breathed out through the mouth. In the process of breathing, water is created invisibly and then moves on to the whole body. Victor travels to many nations every month, but he is never a tired man. His body changes its color twice or thrice a day. He brushes his teeth and takes bath like everybody. But does not have a single drop of water for the whole day. His body metabolism works differently from that of a normal human. So, he doesn't feel the need to go to the toilet at anytime in the day or night. 

As he grew, he was taught of equality with all humans, to leave in peace and without making sins in life. His guru Babaji had told him that the sinner would be punished not only in the present life but also in future births as well. 

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